Lennox Pulse furnaces

Lennox Pulse furnaces In the early 1980s, furnace manufacturers were beginning to design more energy efficient furnaces, units that could extract over 90% of heat energy from combustion of propane or natural gas. A high efficiency furnace uses two heat exchangers and can be identified by its use of low-temp PVC for the exhaust, the

Vermiculite Insulation

Vermiculite Insulation Early 19th century homes have some of the most unique and elegant designs ever built to date. New materials, expanded structural methods, and the birth of the first precision tools in the early 1900’s allowed American architects to adopt designs based on Greek architecture. While this era of structures present an exciting potential

Plumbing S-Traps

Plumbing S-Traps Pro-Tech Home Inspection Services You may have purchased or considering the purchase of a home that was not built within recent years. If this is the case for you, you may find that some or all of the plumbing fixture drains in the home have S-traps installed. If you had a home inspection

Home Security Tips

Pro Tech Home Inspections - Home Security Tips Losing a house key is always a hassle, but instead of hiding a spare key underneath your welcome mat simply give a spare key to a neighbor. In the event your nearest neighbor lives some distance away and you must leave a key outside, put it in

Tips for Window Treatments

Pro Tech Home Inspections – Tips for Window Treatments Window treatments are much more than simply a visual element to add to your home’s windows. Treatments can also provide several various benefits too. Each kind of treatment comes with its own advantages and the one that’s the right fit for your home depends on factors

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