Mold Testing for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Mold Testing Basics: When You Need – And Don’t Need – Mold Testing Services


When you detect the odor of mold yet cannot see it anywhere in your home or commercial space.
You are experiencing frequent plumbing leaks or water-related problems and suspect that increased amounts of mold might be present in the airspace or behind walls.
Recurring health problems are an issue. If you, someone else in your household or a co-worker seems to struggle with symptoms like frequent coughing, sneezing, congestion or headaches, testing may help to verify if mold is the cause.


For real estate matters to safeguard both buyers and sellers.
To resolve landlord/tenant disputes related to potential mold problems.
To gauge the general indoor air quality of a location.
If you are seeing mold growing in any area of your residential or commercial building, that’s simply confirmation enough to bypass Mold Testing and consult professional mold removal services.

Expert Mold Testing services generally include

Complete Mold Inspections and Testing
Air Quality Testing
Mold Testing of direct surface samples
Prompt turnaround, easy-to-understand reports, and results


Why choose experienced Mold Testing services instead of take-home test kits?

  • Reading and accurately interpreting mold samples can be misleading.
  • Professional mold inspection typically entails not just sampling but a thorough visual inspection as well to identify problems associated with mold that are not generally obvious without training in mold inspection
  • If you suspect a mold issue but don’t actually see or smell it, take-home test kits won’t help locate mold or let you know how widespread it may be.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, testing should be performed by professionals with experience in mold sampling protocols, sampling methods and analyzing results.
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