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Professional Water Testing

Pro Tech Home Inspection Services – Professional Water Testing

Need Professional Water Testing for your home or business?

Professional Water Testing

Our inspectors can test your property’s water for the presence of:

Nitrates. Nitrates can occur naturally in surface and groundwater at levels that are not typically a health concern. High levels of nitrate in well water is usually due to poor well construction, well location or faulty disposal systems for human or animal waste products.

Arsenic. Arsenic can get into a water supply from soil deposits or from contamination from industrial or agricultural sources. Arsenic generally comes from certain rock formations if levels of ground water drop significantly. Higher levels of arsenic in private wells may result from fertilizer or industrial waste products.

Lead. Lead can enter into water supplies as a result of pipes deteriorating – especially where water is rather acidic or low in mineral levels that leads to corrosion. The most common issue with respect to lead is related to brass or brass fixtures with lead solder.

Bacteria and E. coli. A general test for bacterial contamination in water is often the testing procedure for total coliform bacteria. A total coliform test yields an overall reading of a water supply’s condition. E. coli is a main species of the fecal coliform bacteria. E. coli is viewed as the bacteria species that is the strongest indicator of fecal contamination.

When to Test Your Water

Knowing if a water test is necessary in your current or prospective home may depend on a large variety of factors. Is the water supply fed by a well? Are there buried fuel/oil tanks on the property? Maybe you are purchasing or own a home with lead water supply lines? The Environmental Protection Agency provides a guideline to follow in making a test determination.

Click here to visit the EPA’s Home Water Testing documents

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