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Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Take note homeowners: energy efficiency will help keep you comfortable while also saving on costs – and you’ll even help preserve the planet’s energy resources will you’re at it. Take a quick look at the following simple-but-effective energy saving tips:

*Try to get in the habit of switching off any lights, electronics and appliances whenever they are not being used. A power strip makes it easy to switch off several items and light sources all at once!
*If laundry is not your favorite task, you can at least make it more energy efficient by washing your clothes in cold water.
*Considering installing a programmable new thermostat for your home. You’ll save as much as ten percent on heating and cooling bills.
*Sometimes low-tech is effective too: simply utilize your window shades! Remember to lose the blinds on the sunny side of your house in summer to block out the sun. In the winter, open the shade to let in warming sunlight.

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