More Energy Saving Tips

Owning a home is the biggest investment most people will make. That’s why it’s always in the homeowner’s best economic interest to maintain a residence that is as energy efficient as it can possibly be. Here are few tips to help save on those monthly energy bills:

*Change furnace filters on a regular schedule. A filter clogged with dirt, dust and pet fur will impede air flow and force the heating system to work harder just to maintain the comfortable levels you prefer. *Set the temperature on your home’s water heater to 130 degrees to conserve energy.
*Consider getting a water tank “blanket” to wrap around your tank. They can be quite effective at retaining heat.
*Seal off air leaks in your ventilation system to increase efficiency and home comfort levels.
*When purchasing products for your home, make sure it bears the Energy Star label, which a government-approved symbol for energy efficiency.