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Radon testing is the only truly dependable way to verify if radon levels exist at your residence or commercial property. There aren’t any obvious signs of radon that may alert homeowners to it right away, and it can take years of exposure before complications arise. The American Lung Association and American Medical Association each recommend radon testing because it’s the best method for precise detection.

Home Inspection Detroit Lakes

Home Inspection Detroit Lakes MN

A cancer-causing gas, radon is not visible and does not have a scent. It might be a possible health hazard in your residence, commercial property or work site. In fact, health officials warn that radon is one of the primary causes of deadly illnesses such as lung cancer in the nation. If you’re a smoker and your residence or place of employment contains significant levels of radon, you could be an increased risk of developing the illness. Because they often have a faster respiration rate, young people might be more prone to health issues linked to radon exposure.

Radon was discovered by scientists back in 1900. It’s an inert gas that can penetrate anything from paper and plastic to paints and common building materials. Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that comes from the degradation of uranium. At Pro Tech, we offer expert radon testing as one of our affordable Home Inspection Detroit Lakes MN.

Radon is an environmental health concern that impacts communities all over the state and the nation.
Based on information from the Environmental Protection Agency, as many as eight million residences throughout the country have high radon levels. If your home has not been tested and you’d like to learn more about our affordable Home Inspection Detroit Lakes MN solutions, get in touch with us today.

With respect to commercial properties and work sites, people within enclosed spaces are often in contact with higher levels of radon. Other locations where substantial radon levels may exist are underground tunnels, utility stations and spas.

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