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Radon Testing Fargo N.D.

Radon Testing Fargo N.D.

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Welcome to Pro Tech Inspections! We are a leading provider of reliable Radon Testing Fargo N.D. Our services are ideal for single family homes, apartments, condo complexes, commercial properties, schools, churches, community buildings and as part of real estate transactions.

An Overview of Radon Testing Fargo:

Radon is a radioactive, cancer-inducing gas that cannot be seen and has no odor or taste. It can pose a possible health concern in a home, place of business or school. According to information from the U.S. Surgeon General, radon is one of the top causes of lung cancer in the nation – perhaps second only to smoking. If you are a frequent smoker and your residence or place of employment is in an area which contains high levels of radon, you could potentially be at an elevated risk of developing this serious and potentially fatal illness.

Since young people usually have a respiration rate that’s higher than older people, they might be more prone to health risks linked to radon exposure. However, there is not currently conclusive research that confirms if young people or children are at greater risk than adults of health problems from radon.

Identified by scientists over a century ago, radon is an inert gas with no color that is easily able to move through very common substances such as leather, paper, plastics, paint and many construction materials. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that starts from the degrading process of uranium. Often located within rocks and soil, radon may also naturally occur in well water.

Radon is a national environmentally-related health matter. Heightened levels of radon have been identified in all 50 states. According to research at the federal Environmental Protection Agency, as many as eight million residences all around the nation have raised levels of the gas. With respect to businesses and commercial properties, people who work or spend a lot of their time within enclosed areas are often in regular contact with high radon levels. Still other locations where substantial radon levels can be found include underground utility access tunnels and storage spaces.

Why Radon Testing Fargo N.D. is Important

Professional Radon Testing Fargo N.D. is generally the single most dependable method of detecting levels of the gas in a residential or in a commercial building. There are not any immediate, clear signs that can provide an alert of the existence of radon and it can take multiple years of being exposed to it until complications start to develop. Even so, established organizations such as the American Medical Association recommends Radon Testing Fargo largely because it is the most effective tool for precise detection.

Radon Effects on Health

Radon is a gas that breaks down into particles that can become trapped in the lungs as you breathe. As the particles continue to break down, they release small amounts of energy. This may lead to damaged lung tissue and contribute to risk of lung cancer. Not everyone who is exposed to heightened radon levels will eventually develop lung cancer. The time in between exposure to radon and onset of the illness can be several years.

Breathing of radon gas does not result in immediate health effects like coughing, headaches or shortness of breath.

A national survey of radon gas levels in schools revealed that approximately 20 percent have at minimum one classroom with short-term radon levels over the actionable level at which the Environmental Protection Agency advises that steps should be taken to lower the level.

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